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In child custody cases, the primary concern for all parties involved is to protect the welfare of the child. In the state of Arizona, the court system handles these cases. When a judge determines who will receive custody of a child in Arizona they take several factors into account, including a parentís ability to provide a loving, clean, safe, and stable environment for the child. If a custody battle ensues in Arizona, a judge will determine custody after both parents have met with a mediator from the courts. Both parents are considered equally in custody cases, but currently 70% of mothers win full custody in Arizona, and only 30% of fathers have full custody of their children. Every year 50% of parents entitled to child support money never receive the full amount owed to them, with 25% getting no money at all, even though a court has required the other parent to pay. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the courts to accurately assess a childís living situation due to limited state and federal funding, and it is impossible for them to follow through on every case.

If you feel your childís best interests are not being met by your current custody arrangements, or if child support payments arenít being made, CMW Investigations can help provide the proof you need to take your case in front of a judge. In the course of the child custody investigation, our investigators might need to speak to friends, family, childcare workers, co-workers and CPS to get the clearest picture of your childís welfare. At CMW Investigations Edit Insert hereChild custody battles are always difficult. While the most ideal situation is for a child to be with two loving parents, that is often not the case. Through our investigation, we can determine if a child is being cared for properly, or if he or she is experiencing any abuse or neglect. The investigation will also reveal if the parent is engaging in any harmful behavior, such as alcohol or drug abuse.If your child is living with the other parent, you can retain our investigators to ensure your child is in a safe environment and protected from harm. Having a child custody investigation can give peace of mind and ease your worries.

Our investigators specialize in child custody investigations and will find all the answers to your concerns or gather all the evidence you need for a legal case. We conduct our investigations confidentially, so the other parent will not know you have hired us.

To learn more about our child custody investigations please contact our agency for a free consultation. We will be happy to review your case and will work diligently to see that your questions and concerns are answered. Also, ask us about mediation, maybe we can settle this issue before it becomes incident!

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