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In 2018, the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) received over 600,000 missing persons reports. Of those missing, over 450,000 of them were under 21. Those numbers only reflect those persons that have been reported to law enforcement. The number of persons who have gone missing, but have not been reported to law enforcement, is estimated to be as much as three times higher.

Most missing persons investigations are conducted by law enforcement, but investigations are often hampered by those agencies’ narrow definition of a “missing person”. Though it can vary from state to state, in many instances a person is not considered “missing” until hours after their disappearance. With time being of the essence, those hours can be costly – especially if the missing person is a child who has been kidnapped by a pedophile or other sexual predator.

If a loved one has gone missing, you don’t want to wait until they have been gone long enough for law enforcement to declare them officially missing. You want them found as quickly as possible and before anything bad can happen to them. Unlike the police, a private investigator can begin looking for a missing person right away. A private investigator won’t file a missing persons investigation away as a cold case when leads dry up – they are dogged, determined, and will keep looking until they find that person.

Are Missing Persons Investigations Only for Runaways or Kidnapping / Abduction Victims?

Not at all. Although finding a loved one who may have run away or even possibly been abducted are two common scenarios associated with a missing persons investigation, the fact is that there are any number of other legitimate and more benign reasons for wanting to locate someone. Some of the other reasons to hire a private investigator to find a missing person include:

  Adoptees searching for their birth parents

  Custodial parents seeking non-custodial parents

  Finding long lost relatives for family reunions

  Finding former school friends for high school reunions

  Tracking down “dead beat” parents who have moved away to avoid paying child support

  Finding past intimate partners to notify when a client is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease

  Mending broken friendships that need closure, resolution, or forgiveness

Our private investigators have over 20 years of experience and have located thousands of missing people throughout the United States. With access to resources and professional databases unavailable to the general public, we are able to solve your missing persons case beginning with even the smallest clue.

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