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Crime is unfortunate part of life, every year crime rates are ebbing and flowing and the true life cost depends on the crime committed. As a victim advocate and as hard as they work, policing departments most usually don't have the manpower to give every victim the attention they need or the case the effort required. This is why we are here to serve, why our clients favor the CMW Method of Approach when it comes to criminal investigations. When you --need-- a private investigator to perspicaciously conduct a criminal investigation, turn to us, a trusted team.

Most private investigators who conduct criminal investigations are agents and investigators who come from the many diverse backgrounds and law enforcement perspectives. You must demand and should expect any private investigator who conducts criminal investigations to follow CMW Investigations manner established through years of experience:

   Commit to your case with empathy, many times the emotional toil prevent the good disclosure of facts and we have learned that once we engage our clients with this understanding the most minor detail becomes case breaking

   Initiate your case through observation, as a case begins we must put on a far reaching lens to reveal investigative direction, simply put we stop, look and listen.

   Maintain a bias toward action, criminal cases are complex and every case risks paralysis from analysis, therefore a strong criminal private investigator will place the best foot forward and start working to discovery immediately.

We dedicate ourselves to exceeding expectations and giving each case the time, attention, and resources it deserves. As ugly as it is to say, we're not beholden to a vast bureaucracy for our paycheck, and we are therefore, the elite within the criminal investigations field. For a good private investigator, a criminal investigation isn't a file in some vast government cabinet... it's a living, breathing, personal part of your life, and ours, until we say, "Case Solved!"

If you need assistance gathering evidence or looking into a criminal case, CMW Investigations can help you. When law enforcement investigations produce little to no useful information in a criminal case, a private investigator can prove useful where they are not. We are here to help attorneys straighten out the important details of a criminal case, so they can move forward with their goals with the answers they need.

Advantages of our assistance

   Legally provide you with significant portions of usable evidence

   Help you discover the truth in the case of a wrongful accusation or conviction

   Law enforcement investigators are often busy with other tasks. CMW Investigations will devote our time and attention to your investigation

   Lend assistance to law enforcement investigators who may be short on time or resources

   Conduct an investigation that is not limited by jurisdiction

With decades of experience performing in-depth investigations, you will be receiving top-quality, skilled investigation services from CMW Investigations. It is no secret that the time of law enforcement officials is already devoted to countless other responsibilities, and as such, hiring a private investigator assist with the search for evidence can make all the difference.

DPS License #: 1716948