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Safety is an issue that sometimes can be pushed aside. It is easy to get to busy and not pay attention to what is happening around you.
Our Construction Investigator was a big part of the construction world. Being a superintendent and project manager for over 40 years, he knows what to look for.
And the great thing about outsourcing a investigator to perform this task, your employees will not know the investigation is being performed.
By being covert in our investigations, you will get the everyday "whats really going on" atmosphere on your construction site!

There is millions of dollars a year stolen from construction sites. A majority of the time it is an inside job, an employee or subcontractor. There are many security companies that can set cameras or perform security task, the problem with this set up, the employee or subcontractor have the advantage of information.
This is where we come in. As investigators, we are not trying to stop the theft immediately. I know it sounds a bit unproductive. What we want is to find out who is responsible and collect evidence to prove responsibility.

Job Site Surveillance
Video Surveillance
Hidden Camera
Job Site Inspections
Background checks on employees
Background checks on sub-contractors
Video/ Digital documentation of job site
Loss Prevention in office and on job site
Misuse of company assets
Pre-site photo and video documentation

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